K.S. Money

Chairman & Mentor


Sriram Ganapathi

Managing Director


Siddarth Money

Executive Director


The KSM Team

The KSM team is comprised of talented designers with a diversity of design skills operating within groups contributing to the evolution and development of a wide range of projects. These skill sets aid and assist a high degree of technical expertise which endeavor to achieve a greater level of involvement in the client–consultant relationship. This has earned KSM a reputation for technical dependability and architectural pre-eminence.

Our team includes,

Aparna Suresh, Bhanu Sekarran, Deivanayagi, Jayakar, Mathivanan, Meenakshi M, Meenakshi S, Merly, Mohanraj, Moiz, Nirmal Raj, Parameswari, Ragini, Ramesh, Sathish, Senthil Kumar, Seran, Shanmugaraja, Shreya, Sumathi, Thulasi Raman, Yasmeen