Design Philosophy

The architectural practice of KSM over the last twenty years, evolved from a single project practice to more than fifty successfully completed projects. The rationale of the company has always been simplicity in design approach. Functional requirements remain the main focus with due regard to climatic parameters, especially the indoor climate, ventilation and natural light are of paramount importance.

Our design approach has followed a similar guideline whether we design a factory building, a residence, a commercial space or an interior facility. The climatic parameters have always been the starting point. Our philosophy, especially in residential design (primarily in hot and humid Indian conditions), has increasingly been governed by improving the indoor comfort condition through natural means. The plan forms are developed with ample scope for cross ventilation. In addition, we also advocate the use of appropriate technology in building practices and material coupled with traditional vernacular wisdom with the hope that the resultant design solution is sustainable and Eco-friendly.

Going forward, looking at the immense urbanisation of the world, the inevitable depletion of energy resources, we are looking towards holistic design in urban centres. Our design inputs, apart from just the building, are towards looking at the reuse of water, possible utilisation of gray water for irrigation, looking for opportunities for urban farming, alternative energy resources and so on.

We are aware that our responsibilities are far greater than just putting up architectural buildings and spaces. We need to find new ways by possibly looking into our more sustainable past and by using the technology available at hand today, to be able to redefine the society around us into a sustainable one.