KSM wins International Masterplan Competition of Bangalore Club

KSM Architecture - Bangalore Club Masterplan Competition

KSM has won the Bangalore Club Master Plan International design competition. This was announced officially on 10th May, 2013.

The International Design competition went through two stages, the first being a short-list process where the jury members selected 14 firms (Indian and overseas), to participate in the design phase of the project.  The second was the design stage of the project featured leading design firms from Bangalore and a few international firms, many of whom formed design consortiums.

The Competition had an elaborate design programme and brief.  The Bangalore club through its 145 year history has grown over time to suit variable needs and requirements and the resultant development has been organic and a bit all over the place.  The challenge was to set a global benchmark in adaptive re-design and to find suitable design responses negotiating between ideas of historical significance and tradition thus setting a course for future.  The design was to respect the existing ethos of the Club and celebrate the fabulous green cover that exists in the club, and at the same time make it a strong statement for contemporary living.


Image : The Hindu – Habitat – Awards Section : 15 June 2013

KSM Architecture-The Hindu-Habitat-Bangalore Club Masterplan Award