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The rationale of KSM Architecture has been simplicity in design and rooting the design in the environment it is envisaged to be a part of. The firm, established in 1990, believes in constant research and experimentation with materials and techniques that are environmentally relevant and sustainable. Every design project is approached with due regard to energy efficiency and climatic response. Over the years, the Studio has won national and international acclaim for its environmentally relevant and minimalistic architecture. 


KSM Architecture constantly strives to have variety in its work. The Studio works on a range of projects such as factories, offices, institutions, residential buildings, public spaces, hospitals, and commercial spaces.

About us
Design Philosophy

The design rationale of KSM has always been simplicity and sustainability in design approach. The endeavor has been to enhance the spatial experience of the users of our buildings by stretching the envelope beyond mere design parameters.

Environmentally relevant and climatically sustainable design is fundamental to our approach. Enjoying the simple poetics of natural light and air assume great importance in our design.

At KSM, we look to work out beautiful architectural solutions that imbibe the environment , material resources and skills , economic relevance and ever changing Indian urban context.

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