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Guru Thirtha

Guru Tirtha is a journey - a yatra in the memory of one of the greatest teachers, Swami Dayananda Saraswathi. It is a journey where one experiences the transformation of his dwelling into a place of worship. The design rationale was to provide serenity to this place of worship and a contemplative quality to the experience.




600 Sq.m


Guru Tirtha is a walk around Swamiji’s kutiya “Ganga” with views into his home at designated pause points, where we look inside the rooms where Swamiji once lived. One begins and ends the journey from the same place thus mirroring the ‘cycle of life’. An ambulatory path was introduced to begin the journey of the search, which takes one to various pause points. Ramps are used to travel across the contoured slope to provide accessibility for all and to allow winding through the landscape, providing varied views of the forest around. Pause points are viewing areas along the perimeter walk that allow visitors to pause, reflect, and gaze into Swamiji’s living spaces.

The material chosen for the new construction was stone. Granite is used in various forms- in the form of slabs, pillars, walls, floors, benches, and aggregate in pervious concrete stone walls 2’0” thick were wide enough to resist a brush with the elephant. They give a sense of enclosure while framing views and guiding people along the journey.

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