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KSM Architecture Studio

Located in the midst of the city's emerging commercial hub, the KSM Architecture Studio embodies the design beliefs as well as principles of the practice, which has been about environmentally friendly, climate-sensitive and relevant architecture. Built in an east-facing plot at Sripuram Colony, the site has its own unique character, due to an existing 35-year-old temple and four trees.




360 Sq.m


Publications : Architizer , Archilovers , Archdaily , Merit List , Archibazar

Awards & Nominations : Nominated in WAF 2017 - Office Buildings

The building was envisaged as a simple two storeyed structure from the outside that does nothing more than act as a container. However, the scenario on the inside is completely different as 5 different levels are created on either side of a central void space, which acts as a contiguous link with the street in both a visual and sensory manner. These five levels house the principal designers, the architecture and the engineering studio, a library and a workshop. In addition to these, a cafeteria is located on the terrace level. The entire studio is covered by a roof spanning 10.70m that envelops the different functions as one single volume.

Though it holds various functions together, the central atrium space visually connects all the floors into one thus creating a connected working atmosphere for the employees.  The levels are connected using a series of straight-flight and split-spiral staircases at different locations that add to the experience of moving between the spaces.

Keeping the climatic conditions of Chennai in mind, the studio was designed with salient features such as a bamboo screen, insulated roof, skylights, wind catchers etc. to ensure that the space is well lit, naturally ventilated and maintains an optimum indoor temperature.

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