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Nilpeter Factory

The Nilpeter factory site is located at the edge of the Mahindra World City Industrial Development. It is in the domestic sector that overlooks the verdant green belt of the Mahindra Research valley. While the usual approach in designing factories is to break down the built programme into different buildings, our approach here was to explore the option to integrate all the programmes under one envelope. The proximity on the Southern side to an open green space along with the views of the Green belt beyond also presented us the opportunity to integrate landscape into the factory environment.




3500 Sq.m


In terms of spatial organization, the requirement of a display room, an office space, a manufacturing area, stores, services, and a canteen were organized in a grid of streets punctuated with courts and landscaped tree planters. The spaces are modulated across two levels giving good visibility from one end of the development to the other, which traditionally in factories gets compartmentalized and segregated.

Polycarbonate roof panels along the roof slope bring in ample natural light, allowing the internal spaces to be completely naturally lit and glare-free during daytime hours. The walls along the North and West are colour-coated galvalume sheets with framed openings wherever needed. On the road facing East and on the South side overlooking the green belt there is full-height ceramic fritted glazed panels allowing the interior space to flow outwards to the landscape. The overall amalgamation of the office building, service building, canteen, manufacturing area and stores with its streets and courts gets enveloped by a large metal roof structure, with its structural members painted bright red.

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