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Propel Office

Located near the outskirts of Coimbatore, the Propel Office was designed for an Industrial house that manufactures stone crushers and other allied machinery for the stone quarrying industry. Given the nature of the industry Propel was exposed to, and the dusty environment that their machines are a part of, the design strategy was to offer them a diametrically opposite office experience.




2960 Sq. m


The Propel office was conceived as an office amid gardens, courtyards, waterbodies, verandahs, and walkways that would link the workspaces.  Landscape is the central theme of the project.  Designed as a two-floor building set on a 2-acre site, the office accommodates about 250 persons.  The material palette chosen was earthy - with the use of white painted stucco walls with beige and brown kota stone floors and tandur brown limestone-clad exterior. 

The office premises are bound on all sides by a dense tree-laden garden with a high stone wall at the entrance.  An opening in this wall leads one to an arrival court that rises in the form of steps and a ramped garden walk to an elevated reception where one can get a glimpse of the gardens beyond.  From here verandahs and walkways lead one to the various office departments each overlooking gardens.  Some of the roofs are covered with well-drained gardens that naturally insulate the offices.

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