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SPS Office

In a small site of around 500 sqm, sandwiched between residential apartment buildings, the client wanted an office building. The possible small size of the office and the lack of privacy due to taller buildings surrounding the site was a major point of concern for the client.




440 Sq.m


Publications : Architizer

The Central idea was to make the arrival an experience of discovery for a visitor, to treat it like a journey thereby extending the arrival experience. The long and narrow site in a 1:5 proportion offered an opportunity to walk the length of the site along a ramp thereby gently rising above the road by about 2m.  One would walk past courtyards that are screened by high sandstone jaali walls that provide views of the trees and sky beyond while maintaining privacy.

One reaches a water court that marks the reception of the office, close to the rear of the site.  From here one begins the journey back along the length of the site, going past office spaces that are interspersed with courtyards with high perforated sandstone jaali walls.  The journey ends in the personal office suite of the client, back over the entrance of the site, thus completing an arrival experience that navigated the length of the site, back and forth, punctuated by office spaces overlooking courtyards that presented views of the trees and the sky above, while maintaining privacy from the residential buildings around.

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